Riide Your Way.

You can pedal, twist the throttle, or do both at once. Move around at 20 mph without pedaling, just like you would on a scooter, or pedal to go even faster. With a 25 mile range you can get pretty much anywhere you want to go.

Simple design through clever engineering.

The battery is the heart of the bike and the controller is the brain. The controller communicates with the battery, motor, and throttle to regulate speed and ensure the bike is running smoothly. Unlike most electric bikes, Riide's battery and controller are inside the frame to create a streamlined aesthetic and better protect them from the elements.

Fast enough to pass those guys in spandex.

Get there. Don't sweat there.

Riide's throttle lets you control how fast you go and how hard you work. With 350 watts of nominal power and 600 watts of peak power, you can tackle any hill with power on demand. What's better, the other guy won't know what hit him: the motor is virtually silent.

Infinite Gearing

The most common part of any bike to break is the gearing and derailing. Having a motor is really like having infinite gearing. So we did the obvious thing; we made Riide single-speed and prevented many maintenance headaches. If you really insist, we’ve included a derailleur hanger to easily convert the bike.

More powerful brakes for a more powerful bike.

Regenerative Braking.

Just like a Tesla, Riide harnesses the energy from braking back into the battery to extend your range.

Stopping Power.

Riide is equipped with high quality 160 mm disc brakes, the same kind used in motorcycles and cars.

Lasts all day (and night).

Never worry about being stranded. The lithium ion battery has a 25 mile range. Oh yeah, and it's a bike, so you can use the pedals too.

More Riding. Less Charging.

Most electric bikes take 4-6 hours to fully charge. Riide cuts that time in half and can be plugged into any standard wall outlet.

Designed and Assembled in the USA.

To achieve the quality standards we hold ourselves to, we assemble each individual Riide ourselves. And we think it's pretty cool to create jobs here too.

Maintenance is Simple.

We worked with top bike mechanics to build a bike that never breaks. Realizing this is an impossible task, we chose mechanical components that can be serviced or replaced at any quality bike shop. The electrical components are warrantied for two years and are easily swappable in the unlikely event that you have any issues.